Post – Photos – Harvest wagon costumes making

Reiner has started to archive our photos. Two of the many memory cards cannot be read out. He is still researching the solution. Then we tackled our mail. We had accumulated quite a bit. At noon Reiner’s brother André and our nephew Matthias came by with his new car to say hello. In the afternoon it rained “Cats and Dogs”.

In the evening there was costume making at Anne’s.


Uphusen – Homecoming – Surprise – Party

In the morning it was a bit like the calm before the storm, because the tables and benches were still empty. Then at 12:00 our friends came and surprised us with a wonderful garden party. They brought everything. Barbecue, salads and drinks, good weather and good mood. So nice to have and see you all again!

Thank you so much dear ones!


Arrive slowly

My parents invited us and my brother for breakfast today. Melina has early shift this weekend

We sat on the patio, it was very cozy. After that we continued unpacking and doing laundry. Reiner bought a hard drive to back up the photos. In the afternoon, there were marquee sets and a beer tap in the garden. But nobody came! In the evening we went to Reiner’s uncle and aunt to say hello on the other side of the street.

PS: Nice side effect of the trip!: Although we have always eaten very well, (Mostly we have written in what!), Reiner has lost 9 kg and I 3.5 kg.


Frankfurt – Bremen-Mahndorf – Home

After our night at the Moxy and a delicious breakfast, we took a cab to Frankfurt Airport long distance train station. We took the ICE 770 to Hannover and then the RegionalExpress 4422 to Bremen-Mahndorf (arriving on time at 16:30 ). We were welcomed with colorful signs, roses, and champagne flutes. Thank you very much!!!

After we had a round of chatting, we went home, where homemade cake from Mom and Clarissa awaited us. Our house tigers were still strangers at first. They are just very fixated on Melina.

A rainbow appeared over Uphusen to welcome us!


Mauritius – Frankfurt – Flight home

After 330 days of traveling around the world, we are back on German soil. Madness how fast the time passed! At 5:00 am, in the pitch dark and drizzle we left Andrea Lodge this morning and dropped off the car at “Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam” International Airport (MRU) shortly after 6:00 am. Then we packed again the things for the transport and checked in. The flight DE2315 with Condor took off at 7:55 am. On the way we could see very nice the Nile near Luxor.

At 17:29 we reached Frankfurt airport. At the passport control we had to wait a few minutes, then we walked to the hotel Moxy, where we spend the night.

Afterwards I went to the train station again to print the tickets and buy some drinks.