19-07-18 – Dead Sea – Amman – Flight to Cairo

n the morning we enjoyed again extensively the Dead Sea wellness program. Mud and floating!

Then we drove to Amman, where we saw the old Roman Theater and the adjacent Folklore Museum, which displays old costumes and jewelry, among other things. We dropped off our car at 16:00 (this time without a scrape). The 20 JOD for the tire repair the Car-Rent employees did not want to pay us back. With the reason “that was much too expensive at most 5 JOD, We agreed on 10 JOD refund. At 20:40 o’clock our first flight to Cairo started.


19-07-06 – Sharm El Sheikh – Day 10

In the morning we were again on the observation tower to take a few photos. From there you have a good view of the complex and the adjacent areas. The “second” row of buildings behind the sea consists almost exclusively of building ruins or construction sites.

Since the Red Flag was fluttering on the jetty again, we just waded around in the shallow water on the beach and did some snorkeling there. In the afternoon Reiner played water polo and beach volleyball. I joined in for an hour of Easy Step. In the evening a dance show followed by a disco rounded off the day.


19-07-07 – Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt – Amman – Jordan

Since finally the yellow flag = bathing permission was flying again, we could snorkel once more at the house reef. A colorful fish played with us at the anchor line for a long time.

At 12:00 we took a cab to the airport. There our plane to Amman took off at 14:10. The flight took about an hour and we have once again an hour time difference on top. So here it is one hour later. Our car turned out nicer than booked. Reiner drove us safely (in the right lane) to our accommodation today, the Hotel Arabesque, in the city.

To celebrate the day, we had noodle soup and crackers after a long time.


19-07-05 Sharm-El-Sheikh….Day 9

Silke has kept away from the sun all day with a book on our terrace.

Today the red flag was up, so that one could not snorkel at the reef edge. Therefore, I had looked around a little in the shallow water area in front of the beach. At high tide it is knee deep to waist high there, but because of the sea urchins and corals only with bathing shoes and carefully to enter.

Otherwise, today was a quiet day. After a short stay at the pool, several games of beach volleyball were a nice change.


Sharm-El-Sheikh-Tui-Magic-Life – Day 8

After breakfast we did some planning and booking for the next days.

To relax we then went snorkeling at the house reef and pool.

In the late afternoon we had a Zumba party for Silke. In the evening we said goodbye to Detlef and Simone from Berlin, who unfortunately had to leave already.


Sharm-El-Sheikh-Ras Mohammed NP- Snorkeling Trip

For today we had booked a full day trip to the National Park “Ras Mohammed”, which has the largest biodiversity of marine life in the Sinai. First by minibus and then by dive boat we went out to different reefs.

Among other things, to Jolanda Reef, named after a sunken cargo ship. You can still see very well between the wreckage part of the cargo, which probably consisted mainly of toilet bowls.

At the different diving and snorkeling places there were beside the corals also a lot of different fishes to see very close: Giant moray eel (up to 3m), Napoleon fish (up to 200Kg), tuna, blue spotted ray, clown fish, parrot fish, etc.

When we changed the dive site by boat a herd of dolphins accompanied us for a short distance.

All in all a great day.

We skipped the evening program and took care of our sunburn.


Comment by Silke on “a great day!”:

Not the whole day was great. After the first snorkel stop about 1/3 of the guests were very seasick. Among them also my dear hubby. Breakfast served as fish food. He was fine in the water with the fish, but on the boat it rocked quite a bit. He would have loved to swim after it. How good, that one forgets such things always fast!


Comment by Reiner to “a great day!”:

Funny, I couldn’t remember it at all.