Bogota – Lima Travel Day

Again we had to say goodbye. Unfortunately we didn’t meet Shakira, who by the way is from Barranquilla, in person. Above the clouds we flew with VIVAAir Colombia to Lima/Peru. From our last peso I treated myself to a new travel pillow. First impression of Lima: huge, lots of traffic, terracotta.

A cab took us to the hotel “Casa Serena” in Miraflores, a newer part of the city. We bought something to drink, yogurt and banana and let the evening end in the courtyard.

By the way, Nico from Berlin, with whom we just spoke yesterday morning about the topic of “robberies”, told us that he was threatened and robbed by two men with a knife yesterday evening on the way from the valley station of the Monserrate to the city on a busy street together with his friend. He was still lucky and the robbers left with cash and a door check card in a separate wallet. But Nico was still quite shocked.


Bogota – City Stroll

Bogota is a colorful (many artistic graffiti) lively city. Many policemen and security personnel provide for a safe feeling. Nevertheless, we have heard of robberies of tourists and therefore avoid dark lonely alleys if possible. We ventured high up today on the cable car to the Santuario de Monserrate. A great view of the city and a beautiful church. Then we marched on foot the good 2000 m back down the stairs. In super weather this was fun. At the bottom we drank Colombian coffee. Then we went again to the Candelaria quarter.

We briefly visited the Catedral Primada de Bogota and then walked back toward the hotel.

In the evening we had dinner at El Cato Gris. The food, Reiner -Rippchen/Silke-Küchlein with plantain, did not convince us so much, but the ambience with LiveBand and great roof terrace was very nice.


San Andres – Bogota – Travel Day

At 9:00 a.m. a cab from Miss Margarita’s House took us to the airport. To the plane of the airline VivaAir we had to walk across the tarmac. The A320 was brand new and flew us safely to Bogota, 1h40 away. Only the comfort of the seats was unfortunately saved. Even after the short flight, the non-adjustable seats became a bit uncomfortable. On arrival in Bogota we took a cab to our hotel Casa Guadalupe in the middle of the old town and university district. We got a big room with 4 beds for us. In the afternoon we went to a small bakery right next door and tried two pieces of cake and coffee. Didn’t quite meet our taste. On the way to the supermarket and the bank we saw many colorful street stalls with fruit, art objects and odds and ends. Of course, also many cafes, restaurants and stores.

And we especially noticed the huge buses. We were wondering about the long queues at the bus stop. But the buses are about 3 times as long as ours. Practically trains on the road.


San Andres – West View – Rocky Cay

Today we were on the road together again, because my “sunstroke” has finally disappeared. We went by bus once around the whole island about 30 km. Per bus ride are 2600 Peso pP. ( 0,80 EUR). We visited two great snorkeling spots. First we were at West View, which is a swimming hole on the west coast. Ladders, a diving board and a slide lead over the lava rock coast into the sea. At the entrance you get white bread to feed the fish and there were really a lot of fish eating right out of your hand. In about 8-10 m depth a statue of Neptune has been sunk. There diving (running) the “Aquanautas Helmet Diving” – divers with your full head masks and air hoses . This looks very much like Martian.

Reiner also dived to Neptune without a hose. After that we went on by bus to Rocky Cay. This is a beach where you can almost walk to an island. Behind it is the big wreck that Reiner jumped off of 2 days ago.

We also swam over and had some fish food with us. Whole schools of colorful fish stirred up the water around us.

In the evening we cooked rice-vegetable pan with egg and printed our plane ticket.


San Andres – Two tanks dive

San Andres is an Eldorado for divers! It offers around 43 dive sites around the island. By the way, San Andres is about 800Km away from the mainland and is surrounded by Nicaragua, which is only 190Km away and also lays claim to this island.

I was picked up this morning from our accommodation and taken to the dive center where I had booked two dives yesterday. The communication was only in Spanish. Everything was pretty relaxed. Once again saw great things. Lionfish, moray eels in rock holes, caves, coral reefs, puffer fish, etc.. At 27 degrees water temperature is actually a bathing suit..

Between dives, the tanks were changed, the dive site, with the PickUp sitting on theLadefläche, along the coast.

Back I was brought on the scooter again to the accommodation.

Silke had today rest day, as far as that is possible.

Next door runs felt, since our arrival, almost without interruption a loud party. Here is nevertheless another culture 🙂


San Andres Isla – Sea Tour

We were drawn underwater again. We booked a boat tour with our neighbor France. During the tour, which lasted several hours, we went to different snorkeling spots. The visibility under water is really amazing in this crystal clear water. Manta rays, starfish and of course lots of fish. Mangroves and the “acuario san andres islas” were also on the list.

Several ships look like shipwrecks here, but the one at the end of our trip was clearly one. France had asked another tour guest from Austria and me to climb up, pretty ramshackle wreck. The path was full of holes and there were only ladder remains to get to the top. In Europe such a thing is unthinkable. After we got back we all went to the beach bar for a while.

In the afternoon, we took a bus and headed to the other side of the island. In the end it all worked out fine. Silke got a little bit of sun today and went to sleep quickly.


Santa Marta – San Andres Isla – Travel Day

After breakfast we marched to the Collectivo. The minibus took us to Barranquilla and from the bus stop we took a cab to the airport. There we had to wait a while until we could check in. The airport is currently more of a provisional tent and container, because the actual building is probably being renovated, but the Dunkin Donuts had tables, chairs and delicious coffee. With Wingo Airline we flew to San Andres.

Our backpacks arrived too!

From the airport a cab driver picked us up. Approx 20 min drive to San Luis. Miss Margarita welcomed us very warmly, although it was already 22:00 o’clock. She showed us everything in the small apartment we rented here. She speaks only Spanish and so we talked with hands and feet and Google translator.


Santa Marta – Marina – Calle 19

Today we walked a little bit through Santa Marta. The Marina waterfront is very nice. There are many bronze statues along the boardwalk. One reminds us of the little mermaid of Copenhagen.

With 31 degrees and bright blue skies, we went to Calle 19 for ice cream and coffee. On our hotel veranda in the rocking chair we read a little bit and Reiner cleaned our walking shoes.