San Andres – Two tanks dive

San Andres is an Eldorado for divers! It offers around 43 dive sites around the island. By the way, San Andres is about 800Km away from the mainland and is surrounded by Nicaragua, which is only 190Km away and also lays claim to this island.

I was picked up this morning from our accommodation and taken to the dive center where I had booked two dives yesterday. The communication was only in Spanish. Everything was pretty relaxed. Once again saw great things. Lionfish, moray eels in rock holes, caves, coral reefs, puffer fish, etc.. At 27 degrees water temperature is actually a bathing suit..

Between dives, the tanks were changed, the dive site, with the PickUp sitting on theLadefläche, along the coast.

Back I was brought on the scooter again to the accommodation.

Silke had today rest day, as far as that is possible.

Next door runs felt, since our arrival, almost without interruption a loud party. Here is nevertheless another culture 🙂


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