Puerto Iguazu – Foz do Iguacu – Ciudad del Este

Today we moved on to the Brazilian side. By public bus we went to the border crossing at 10:30 am. Argentine exit stamp, quickly back on the bus, over the Iguazu Bridge and entry stamp in Brazil Foz do Iguacu. There, unfortunately, the bus did not wait, so we had to take the next one an hour later. In the city we had still approx. 2 km footpath and were in time in the hotel. Spontaneously we decided to make a lightning visit to Paraguay and were able to board the bus to Paraguay directly at the street of our hotel. At Rio Parana first exit Brazil and on the other side entry to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay .

Lots of hustle and bustle, outlet centers on shopping streets and flying merchants in between. Seems to be the shopping paradise of the Brazilians, as all went back over the bridge with full bags. We bought once nothing, because we needed nothing! On foot we went back to Brazil and behind the border by bus to our hotel.


Puerto Iguazu – Waterfalls, 2nd day – Rubber Dinghy – Garganta del Diabolo

At 9:20 am we took the bus to the national park. With a lot of fun and quite wet today started with the “Great Adventure” tour, 1,5 h Jungle (truck) jeep and speedboat to (through) the waterfall(s). You get an extra drybag and it is recommended to put everything that should stay dry in it. And you really get soaking wet! The rain capes didn’t help much! It was mega fun and you see the water masses from a completely different perspective.

Back on land, we observed two crocodiles on the shore with butterflies buzzing around them. The one crocodile was apparently annoyed and went into the water. Swimming in the Iguazu is not really recommended! We then went with Olivia to the Hotel Melia, took a break there and had a cocktail at the pool. Afterwards we took the small train to the Garganta station to walk 1100m over iron bridges to the Garganta del Diabolo. There were hundreds of butterflies at the train station, one thought Reiner’s t-shirt was great.

The Garganta del Diabolo is a huge semicircular waterfall up to 80 meters high that flows into a narrow gorge. It looks as if the water rushes into a gigantic hole. Great when the sun came out and painted rainbows on the spectacle.

Today was another day of memorable moments and at least 100 “Pictures of the Day!” Then it was time to say goodbye to Olivia. We wish you another great stay in Argentina and Colombia and a safe trip home to Bremen! We went back to our apartment by bus and made dinner.

( Park entrance fee today 350 ARS pP, Great Adventure Tour 2000 ARS pP, Bus 320 ARS pP)


Puerto Iguazu – Waterfalls Argentina – Coatis – Plush crested Jay

This morning we took the public bus about 20 km to the Argentine National Park Iguazu. In the national park we walked along the Lower Cirsuit and the Upper Trail (easy to walk on asphalted paths and a few stairs), and had a gigantic view of the falling water masses of one of the new seven natural wonders of the earth. Unimaginable, what power is behind it. The waterfalls stretch almost 3 km wide and you can get very close!

At least as interesting as this wonder for us were the animals that live quite trustingly amidst the tourist crowds. Coatis (Coati, Nasua) prey on treats in the picnic areas.

Perky “Plushed-crested Jay” birds (a type of crested jay) let themselves be fed by hand (with peanuts).

We also saw a crocodile in the water and toucans in the trees. There is a luxurious hotel in the park with a huge infinity pool and a view of the waterfalls. We met Olivia from Bremen, who treats herself to a stay here and is totally thrilled. On our round trip we took pictures of each other. In the evening we took the bus back to Puerto Iguazu and after we went to the supermarket we cooked a mushroom risotto.

( Bus there and back 320 ARS pP, park entrance 1 day 700 ARS pP, 2nd day park 50%)


Iguazu – border triangle – small boat trip

In the bus we were served cake, jam, crackers and coffee for breakfast. The seats were comfortable and clean but we still didn’t sleep very well.

Around 12:00 we reached our destination Puerta Iguazu 3 h late. Our apartment is located directly opposite the bus terminal. In the afternoon we made only a small round through the town and walked to the Mirador de tres fronteras. On a small excursion boat we made a mini tour 1h. Aon the Rio Iguazu we drove under the Puente International Tancredo Neves ( Fraternity Bridge) along, which connects Argentina with Brazil, and are then to the Rio Patana, on whose opposite bank Paraguay with the Puerto Tres Fronteras lies. A few small waterfalls could be seen on the shore and many anglers..

Then we walked to the Argentine viewpoint. After the walk with boat tour we did some shopping and then cooked us a spinach pan!


Buenos Aires – flight unconfirmed, switched to night bus – Puerto Iguazu.

We left Today in time for our next destination. After breakfast, we went during rush hour first in local traffic with the Metro and bus 160 to the airport. At check-in, there was then an unpleasant surprise. Our booking was not confirmed and therefore our ticket was not valid. A new ticket should cost four times as much! Without further ado, we took a cab to the long-distance bus terminal and booked two seats on a night bus directly at the counters there.

“Cama class. There is food, pillows and blankets. The seat backs can be tilted up to 160 degrees. So we are a little longer on the road ( 15:30- 9:00 +1) but save an overnight stay and see a little more of Argentina.


Buenos Aires – City Stroll – Tango Show

The capital of Argentina has shown us from your best side. Beautiful sunshine at 22 degrees accompanied us during our city walk, which we started in the late morning. We took the metro and got off at the station Carlos Pellegrini at the Obelisco. We continued through the city to the pink Presidential Palace at Plaza de Mayo and then to Café Tortoni, which has a beautiful ambiance, with many paintings and illuminated colorful leaded glass windows. There we had coffee and cake. We continued our walk through an antique flea market to Plaza Dorrego, where a couple was demonstrating tango. One cannot and does not want to avoid the tango in Buenos Aires. Also in Calle Lavalle / corner Calle Florida the dance school of José Carlos ( Florida y Lavalle Tango Show) presented the art of tango dancing. We got a free lesson or rather the posing worked out before!

The metro took us back to our apartment and we cooked some ricotta spinach tortellini with salad.


Buenos Aires – Wash day

After the trekking tours our things were pretty used up, so today we planned a washing day including equipment cleaning. For the washing machine, which is located on another floor, we needed coins. Apparently not a common means of payment anymore. However, I was able to exchange some in a small store without having to show my passport. The country is currently subject to high exchange rate fluctuations with inflation tendency (forecasts for 2019 about 23% (but currently it is at 45%)).The dollar increased in price against the peso in the past year by a good 100%.

We were only able to pay for our apartment in US dollars.

In the late afternoon we went for a walk in the nearby area and bought some food. 31 degrees outside temperature.

The city has to wait another day for us.


El Calafate – Buenos Aires – Travel Day

Having had a good breakfast again with homemade scrambled eggs, we took a shuttle bus to the airport.

Our LATAM – plane took off at 12:36 and we reached Buenos Aires at 15:15. Bus ticket card bought and loaded, with the bus 8 to the center and with the Metro 5 stops to Shopping Abasto, where just opposite our small apartment is. At the center we wanted to exchange Chilean pesos into US dollars, but had to go back to the apartment because we didn’t have our passports with us. We also bought a new SIM card for our cell phone there. Then we went grocery shopping and made some gnochi with tomato sauce.