Flight – Sydney – Hop on, hop off

We arrived in Sydney this morning. By the way, the flight here was associated with some obstacles. In Kalibo we were able to use our Visa No. for Australia. Our SIM cards have expired the day and the WIFI hasn't worked either. They then let us fly to Manila. There we had to check in again with luggage. For our backpacks they have charged us an extra baggage fee of 8400 PHP ( 150 EUR). No extra baggage was requested at the time of booking and I assumed that at least one parcel of luggage is free for international flights. Not at CEBU ! Food and drink, such as .B water, coffee of the noodle soup is also all chargeable on board or can only be ordered in advance online. And this on a flight of 9 h 25 min. Then the plane to Manila was two hours late. Our stay of originally 5 hours, has shrunk completely and become quite scarce. The terminals in Manila are only connected by a crowded shuttle bus (which runs once an hour) and the taxi. Since I had spent our last peso for luggage and phone card, we had to take the bus. Our luggage has been thoroughly checked and opened at least 4 times. In Australia, we were so waved through for that. We are ruckizucki through customs control and have not even had to show our visa. Is probably everything stored in the computer. Nice weather at 27 degrees and a small fresh breeze. We are now 10 h earlier than CET Time. For the first time we had breakfast at the airport, pulled Australian dollars and bought a SIM card. With the train/metro we went to our hotel in the city center. Since we are in Sydney only as a stop-over, we decided to hop on – hop off BigBus. So you get a good overview of the most important sights and a bit of background information.

In the evening we ate a veggie burger with fries overlooking the marina.


Kalibo – Manila – Sydney

Morning rainy weather in Kalibo. 29 degrees.

In a propeller machine we went from Kalibo to Manila. We were sitting at the emergency exit in the opposite direction. But it had a little more foot space.

Silke + Reiner


Bohol – Kalibo

At sunrise we went to our (boots) beach. A beautiful photo motif was the bottle in the sand. After that we had a nice breakfast on our terrace.

At 8:00 a.m. we started by car to the ferry. 2 h by sea to Cebu, by taxi to the airport and a small 50 min domestic flight to Kalibo. Here we drove a bit with the Tribike to our hotel.


In Kalibo we stay in the middle of the city, in the GQ Hotel. In front of the hotel there is a summer Christmas market. Colourful lights and a huge illuminated Christmas tree, food stalls, a band, live bands and DJ attract especially young people. However, again no mulled wine :-). We were eating Thai.


Bohol – Loboc Rivercruise – Chocolate Hills – Tarsier Sanctuary

Today we made a day out and explored Bohol. Ela and Marco from Switzerland accompanied us. Reiner and Juana, our hosts, organized the tour and drove us. First we looked at the Blood Compact Monument and the Baclayon Church in Tagbilaran. Then we sped on the Loboc with a boat (approx. 60-80 guests) to a small waterfall and back again. On the boat there was a buffet and live music. After that we looked at the Chocolate Hills at Carmen. There is a viewpoint, which can be easily reached by stairs. Shortly before it had rained, so it looked like the hills were steaming!


The hills are of natural origin and covered with grass. In the dry season, they sometimes take on a brown color, hence the name.

Then a butterfly farm near Bilar was our destination. In the café there we had a coffee and ate an ice cream. At Quinoguitan there was a bamboo suspension bridge over which we walked. Shortly before 4, just before the closing time, we visited the Tarsier Wildlife Sanctuary Station near Corella. There, the small monkeys are kept under as natural conditions as possible. The Tarsiers enter into cages. You are guided in small groups and with a guide through the large complex and asked to be as calm as possible. The guides know where the nocturnal little goblins have their sleeping places and we would certainly not have discovered them otherwise. They are about the size of a men's fist, feed mostly on insects and can jump 3 m. Totally cuddly!

Finally we were again delicious to eat at NAT and Henry's.


Bohol – Motorbike – Starfish

After a nice breakfast under coconut trees overlooking the sea, we had a washing day again! Wash two machines and then hang on irons to dry. Our "Villa Juana" also rents motorbikes and so we tried one today. We drove to Dumaluan Beach, about 7 km away, and walked along the beach. A Virgin Colada was available in a chic atmosphere at the South Palms Resort Panglao at the beach bar.

On the way back we found some stranded starfish (type of knotous roller starfish). We put them back into the deeper water with the help of a piece of wood.

In the evening we were eating again in the Phillippinian restaurant. And after that we sat on our terrace and did some research.


Bohol – Panglao

After a flight to Cebu and a 2h ferry ride to Taglibaran, we arrived at Bohol. We live here with Reiner and Juana a German / Philippine couple. You picked us up personally at the ferry. A Swiss couple we met on the ferry also fit into the car!

After dinner in a Philippine restaurant (the favorite restaurant of our landlords) we walked a bit on the beach. In a beach bar there was a long drink at the end of the day. Then we went back to the "Villa Juana" with the Tribike.


Boracay – Shipwreck – White Beach

Today Reiner went to dive to a shipwreck in 30 m. Unfortunately, the GoPro was not set correctly. That's why almost only blurry pictures have been created.I didn't drive because I was late! I was on the beach for a swim.


The sunset was great again and also the beach dogs enjoyed the atmosphere.


Boracay – White Beach

Another quiet and sunny day on Boracay. We walked along the beach to the other end, about 3 km. Past Station 1 and the "Grotto", a statue of the Madonna on a rock formation.

We were told that the beach was even whiter there than in our area at station 3. But we couldn't see any difference. By the way, station means pier for the boats.

In the Heidiland deli shop we bought a piece of Gouda for breakfast. Cheese is virtually non-present here. At Coco Mama there was an ice cream fresh from the coconut shell.