Flight – Sydney – Hop on, hop off

We arrived in Sydney this morning. By the way, the flight here was associated with some obstacles. In Kalibo we were able to use our Visa No. for Australia. Our SIM cards have expired the day and the WIFI hasn't worked either. They then let us fly to Manila. There we had to check in again with luggage. For our backpacks they have charged us an extra baggage fee of 8400 PHP ( 150 EUR). No extra baggage was requested at the time of booking and I assumed that at least one parcel of luggage is free for international flights. Not at CEBU ! Food and drink, such as .B water, coffee of the noodle soup is also all chargeable on board or can only be ordered in advance online. And this on a flight of 9 h 25 min. Then the plane to Manila was two hours late. Our stay of originally 5 hours, has shrunk completely and become quite scarce. The terminals in Manila are only connected by a crowded shuttle bus (which runs once an hour) and the taxi. Since I had spent our last peso for luggage and phone card, we had to take the bus. Our luggage has been thoroughly checked and opened at least 4 times. In Australia, we were so waved through for that. We are ruckizucki through customs control and have not even had to show our visa. Is probably everything stored in the computer. Nice weather at 27 degrees and a small fresh breeze. We are now 10 h earlier than CET Time. For the first time we had breakfast at the airport, pulled Australian dollars and bought a SIM card. With the train/metro we went to our hotel in the city center. Since we are in Sydney only as a stop-over, we decided to hop on – hop off BigBus. So you get a good overview of the most important sights and a bit of background information.

In the evening we ate a veggie burger with fries overlooking the marina.


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