Christchurch – Sydney – Honolulu Travel Day

The Jucy Hotel in Christchurch was great for an extended transfer stay. After checking out, you can stay in the huge common room, relax in hammocks or on sofas and prepare something for food in the kitchen.

Reiner went to the hairdresser in between. I read my book. Then the shuttle bus took us to the airport. Checking in today 3.5 h before departure was no problem so we went to Sydney at 18:45. Kiss New Zealand! On emirates A380, flight EK 413, it was very comfortable. In Sydney we had to sit down quite a bit to get the connecting flight to Honolulu. We are on our way to Hawaii overnight.


Dunedin Farewell – Christchurch Flight Missed!

In Dunedin this morning we had to say goodbye to Janet and Ed and the young people. It was a wonderful stay. We felt so comfortable that we would have liked to stay even longer. Thank you for food and drink and the warm friendship, Janet and Ed.

Back in Christchurch, we drove back the rental car and then left for the airport. Unfortunately, the check-in counter for our flight was already closed 1.5 h before departure and nothing could be done. So we postponed the flight and hung on for another night in New Zealand. We sleep today in the Jucy hotel near the airport. Luckily, we had still lubricated sandwiches, fruit and cereal bars with us.


Dunedin – Royal Albatross Centre – Otago Museum – Dinner

After a delicious omlet prepared by Ed, we went to Talaroa – Albatross – Colony on the opposite headland. Great weather, a bit stormy. There were many seagulls and seals there, and we saw an albatross sailing in the distance. The info center is very nicely opened and interesting. Albatrosses are really very imposing, wonderful creatures. Afterwards we drove over the mountain pass back to Dunedin. We met a few sheep that don't run away as soon as you leave the car.

The view of the beaches and the harbour was fantastic. In Dunedin we met Janet for a coffee and then went to the Otago Museum. There is a very good department about the beginnings of settlement by the Maori more than 1000 years ago from Polynesia. Among other things, a huge canoe is on display and Greenstone jewelry. Back in Ed and Janet's house we cooked cheese chips, red lentil burgers and Black Forest cherry dessert. Ed had already prepared veggie paella, potato gratin, salad and fish.

It was a great dinner again. Janet has also shown us her wonderful children's books, which she has written and for which she was even nominated for a New Zealand Award.


Moeraki Boulders – Dunedin – Janet and Ed

After waking up at "The Ocean Breeze", we washed laundry and breakfasted cereals.Then we headed south. Large spherical stones lie on the beach of Moeraki/Hampden. The Maoraki – Boulders. They are located directly on the coast and can be easily reached via a small track along the water, at high tide including wet feet. The rocks look like giant footballs and are partially split. There are various explanations for their perfect appearance.

Then we went to Dunedin. A pretty university and port city with Scottish and Maorian roots. We visit Janet and Ed, a very nice couple we met in Ben Tre, Mekong Delta. They have 5 children, but they have all flown out. They took us on a city tour to show us the most interesting places in Dunedin. You have a beautiful house, with a direct view of the harbour bay. We are allowed to sleep here in the guest room today and tomorrow. The niece Jenna and her boyfriend Jeff are also visiting from California.

We had a very tasty dinner in pleasant company.



Today the highway took us to Timaru. After some bookings for the onward journey, we started in Kaikoura at 30 degrees and now we have only 14 degrees with a lot of wind!

On the beach we discovered a small Leuchhturm. The radiant rainbow matched perfectly.

We sleep in a sweet hotel. The Ocean Breeze. Here you can only walk in barefoot. But there are thick carpets almost everywhere.


Kaiteriteri -Kaikoura

Again we drove along the highway along the east coast past the seal banks. And again we have discovered a lot of new things. For example, a fish letterbox in Rai Valley.

In Rai Valley we also had a coffee in a trucker's pub. In the dining room, hunting trophies hung on the walls, a TV played 90's music videos and two men were at a pool table. A discarded transport plane is set up for inspection in Woodbourne. Of course, we climbed into the pulpit once.

Immediately on the neighbouring property there were delicious blueberries to buy.We landed tonight at the TOP10 campsite in Kairoura. We grilled and met a nice German couple with whom we talked.


Abel Tasman Trecking 2

Radiant sunshine accompanied us today after our tent night in the Abel Tasman National Park. From Bark-Bay we went to Medlands Beach to deposit our luggage for the return transport.

Then we walked along the coast again and through the forests. At Torrent-Bay we were splashing around in the sea.

One section also led barefoot across the seabed, similar to mudflat hiking. You can choose the High-Tide Track or the Low-Tide Track. Depending on the water level or tides.

After about 10 km we reached Anchorage.From there we took the ferry back to Kaiteriteri at 3:40 pm. On the way we could still observe a little blue penguin splashing. Unfortunately, our backpack had not yet arrived in the harbour, so we had to wait until 6pm. Then we set up our tent again on the campsite and made a salad for dinner.


Abel Tasman Trecking 1

In Kaiteriteri we made packed lunches in the morning and then went to the beach. A Wilsons ferry took us to Rotoura. We have checked in the luggage separately. The boat trip was very nice. In bright sunshine we passed interesting rocks, as well as some seals. The hike led mostly along the coast, but also through forest sections and over bridges and rocks! The sea shone from rust-red, over emerald green, to sky and dark blue.

Many waterfowl and forest birds crossed our path. After about 12 km we arrived at our overnight destination, the Bark-bay. Reiner still took the backpack with the tent from Medlands Beach, 250m away.

We were swimming in the sea and then we enjoyed our lunchbox dinner.