Since our night train had only departed at 18:05, we deposited our luggage in the hotel and looked around A Little In Nanning!

In daylight, the impression was much friendlier! Not far from the hotel and train station we discovered a large food market, where there was a lot of interesting things to admire and buy. Up a small mountain and you are in the “People Park” . Admission free of charge. The Chinese feed fish in the lake or ride roller skates in a hall. The children play in the sand, catch soap bubbles or ride a carousel in the small amusement park (10-20 yuan per trip). Or they just walk in the park like we do!


Guilin – Nanning, Streetfood

And once again we moved on. 11:52 – 14:17 Express train D8409. In Nanning we received 26 degrees of sultry heat. From the long-distance station we took the subway to the main station for about 60 minutes. If you spend a few days longer here, you should not look for accommodation in the area. At the moment a high road is being built and everything is construction site, dark and gloomy.

For dinner we bought fruit and Reiner at a street stall a kind of mixture between crépes and roller blind.


City walk Guilin, twin pagodas Riming Shuang Ta

Today we strolled through Guilin in somenic weather. The city is laid out around the karst hills and you can walk nicely along the river and lake shores. We have climbed the moon and sun pagodas (there is also an elevator), which do not look quite like at night during the day. After sunset, a light show is also ignited here. Buildings, stretches of the banks, the Elephant Trunk Mountain and the pagodas are illuminated in a colourful way. We have been at the Vienna Hotel in the 6th Stock on the terrace of the restaurant a little drunk. The view there is really very good. ( Photo )

On the way to the taxi we watched for a while a training session for a martial arts choreography. Looked quite good.


Ps.: Yesterday Reiner, by the way, took a night shift and edited our page. If you click on a photo now you get to see a better quality because it is linked to the database!

Guilin Reed flute Cave / Schilfflötenhöhle

Since today it was the purest “washing kitchen weather”, we went to the Reed flute Cave (90 yuan pP.) from our hotel only 1.5 km away. In other weather conditions we would have walked in the rice terraces. We were surprised by a huge cave. Although it is very colourfully illuminated, subtly sonicated with music and birdsong, it is still an overwhelming wonder of nature, with a large lake, and stalagmites and stalagtites created over millions of years, some of which are reminiscent of figures or flowers, and also have names such as.B.” “Snowman”. The cave is also known as “The Palace of Natural Arts”. On the walls you can find 1000-year-old characters! In the large hall, a light show is shown every few minutes on the ceiling, including dragons, dinosaurs and mammoths. On a screen, a pair of ballets dance to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, reflected in the lake.

We were partly alone in the sections and let ourselves be enchanted. But we could have saved the little extra cave with the turtles (10 yuan). In our personal opinion, it is not appropriate to be kindly suited to the species! 


Li-River-Cruise, 20 Yuan, Cormorant Fisherman, Massage

We were picked up today at 7:25 a.m. by bus and after about 50 min bus ride with an excursion steamer 4 hours along the Li-River. About 40 boats with 100 seats each depart in a chain from the pier. During the trip you can see special karst stone formations, with the mountain/hill group Xingping of the 20 Yuan Note probably the most famous! You have a fixed seat in the ship and lunch is included (380 yuan pP. Bus + ship). But the food is the same for everyone in a plastic box and nothing for vegetarians. I just ate the rice with some vegetables. There is also free tea and hot water. Reiner and I were on deck most of the time despite the spray rain.

At YangShuo Pier, a Chinese cormorant fisherman had set out with a bamboo boat and his birds. For 10 yuan he let me on board and even sang like a gondolier! The birds are attached to the leg with a string, but can enter the water and swim. They seemed very satisfied.After that we actually wanted to climb up a hill, but decided against it, because the weather was not so great and the way there was totally littered. Instead, we had our feet massaged in a massage parlour for 30 minutes (50 yuan each). We’re going “like on clouds” now. Then we enjoyed a delicious pizza at Pizzahut.In the evening we were taken by bus back to Guilin.


Ps.: In an 8Yuan/1€ shop Reiner has found a mini-entertainfor our camera today, we have been looking for it intensively since Shangri-La (left there in the monastery! ).

Flight from Lijiang to Guilin

This morning we took a taxi to the airport. Flight MF 8608 from Lijiang to Guilin. We chose this domestic flight because it allows us to spend a day longer in Guilin. And because we arrived a little more relaxed!

One and a half days train ride – one and a half hours flight! The flight was pleasant (unfortunately no Airbus but the competition with B…) and we even got warm (I vegetarian) food. Here in Guilin it is rain for the next three days! Hope we have clear prospects between the showers! Our Flower Hotel is very nice! Just outside with a view of the mountains!


Tiger Jumping Gorge 2. Day

After a very good breakfast we started today from Tina’s Guesthouse about 2 km by minibus from the hostel for free to get to the Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge. We walked most of the 3 h long route with 2 very nice couples, which we had already met yesterday. You took the taxi from Tea horse Guesthouse to Tina’s because it was already late and the “28 curves” had it all. Verika climbed a horse during the ascent, quite brave to ride the steep stone stairs on the slope!

Jo (L.A.), Verika (Hong Kong), Silke, Reiner, Peter (Canada), Sheila (China)

Today’s goal was the stone in the raging river, where, according to legend, a tiger escaped its hunter by jumping over the gorge.A suspension bridge leads directly there. It is breathtaking to stand in the middle of the roaring water masses.

During the hike, in addition to the park entrance of 45 yuan p.p., we also had to pay three times “way toll” of 10 or 15 yuan to the villagers to use the hiking trails or to get to the photo points. In addition, there are several small stalls on the side of the road where you can buy drinks and snacks such as .B walnuts. And as mentioned several “Horses”. The bus ride back we booked directly at Tina’s (50 Yuan) Last bus 15:30. The journey took a little longer as we had to wait an hour in front of a police station. A passenger was taken from the bus to the police station and then continued. We have not found out why.


Tiger Jumping Gorge

Today we took the first bus at 8:00 a.m. to the “Tiger Leaping gorge”. From 10:40 we walked about 20 km until we reached Tina’s Guesthouse at 21:00! Unfortunately in the dark! All day we had wonderful sunshine and the view was insane!


Starting an hour earlier would have been better! After sunset, the path is not recommended despite headlamp! It goes partly over boulders steeply downhill near the abyss and over waterfalls!