Guilin Reed flute Cave / Schilfflötenhöhle

Since today it was the purest “washing kitchen weather”, we went to the Reed flute Cave (90 yuan pP.) from our hotel only 1.5 km away. In other weather conditions we would have walked in the rice terraces. We were surprised by a huge cave. Although it is very colourfully illuminated, subtly sonicated with music and birdsong, it is still an overwhelming wonder of nature, with a large lake, and stalagmites and stalagtites created over millions of years, some of which are reminiscent of figures or flowers, and also have names such as.B.” “Snowman”. The cave is also known as “The Palace of Natural Arts”. On the walls you can find 1000-year-old characters! In the large hall, a light show is shown every few minutes on the ceiling, including dragons, dinosaurs and mammoths. On a screen, a pair of ballets dance to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, reflected in the lake.

We were partly alone in the sections and let ourselves be enchanted. But we could have saved the little extra cave with the turtles (10 yuan). In our personal opinion, it is not appropriate to be kindly suited to the species! 


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