Philippines – Travel Day

Today we had a 3.5 h flight from Singapore to Kalibo and then a 4 h long drive (congestion due to accident) with a van to a small ferry to Boracay! The weather was not so great, so the flight was a bit rickety and the ferry was a bit rocky! Kalibo Airport is small and snazzy. A hall for everything! Border control, departure, baggage belt, customs. Shuttle services are available right in front of the terminal. We have at a company KIA TSC for Van/Boot 250 PHP pP. Paid! In addition, a fee of 175 PHP pP was added in the port. and on Boracay 150 PHP for transport by tricycle! We had to show our hotel booking confirmation and got a stamp on our hand. Not all hotels on the island are allowed to accommodate guests after the reopening.

In any case, car traffic is quite different! We drove from the ferry dock to the hotel in a kind of covered motorcycle sidecar taxi with 3 wheels. A Pole that already made the island 10th Times visited, invited us. Here is right-hand traffic again! Many people stand on loading areas of trucks or sit on bus roofs while driving!

In the rain! ?Arriving in the dark and in bad weather is always a bit unpleasant. For tomorrow, only 40-50% of the precipitation is forecast, so let's take a look around.


Singapore – Chinatown – Lightshow

Today we walked through Chinatown! We visited a Hindu temple and many small souvenir shops.In a vegetarian restaurant there were delicious wraps. Then we watched the Marina Bay Sands Lightshow again from the Event Plaza / Bayfront! The effects came across much better and the music was also good to hear there!

You just don't have the Marina Bay Sands in the background! We went back to the Gardens by the Bay to the Supertrees. This time we watched the 8:45 show lying down! Great cinema!

Sign from the MRT/Metro! Eating Dorian must be quite expensive!


Singapore – Marina Bay Sands – Pool and Lightshow

This morning we watched the sunrise from the hottop on the roof terrace, overlooking the sea.


Afterwards we had breakfast on our balcony! Until noon we splashed in the infinity pool, because it's just great! There were still plenty of loungers and there was no crowd in the pool, so you could enjoy the wonderful view and take good photos. After checking out we deposited our luggage at the reception and were a few more hour to chill out at the Ce la vi, restaurant/bar on the roof. Then a grave drove us to our nearby Airbnb room. In the evening we had Indian food and watched the marina Bay Sands light show from Merlion Park at 20:00.


After a short stroll through a shopping center we ended the day with a glass of wine and a nice movie (via AmazonPrime).


Singapore – Checked in!

Where do we stay today? Right! In the new landmark of Singapore the Marina Bay Sands.

In addition to the hotel complex with over 2500 rooms and various shopping centers, the resort also offers the most expensive single casino complex in the world. No wonder the owner is Las Vegas Sands Corp.

We have a room at Tower 3 with balcony and Ocean View. Of course, we went to the 57-floor to the terrace, where the largest roof infinity pool in the world is located (146m long). Access is reserved exclusively for hotel guests. Fittingly, after the rainy day, there was still a conciliatory sunset at 28 degrees.

At the end of the day we had the opportunity to watch the light and sound show of the Supertrees from a different perspective from the balcony.


Singapore – Gardens by the Bay

Scoot Airlines departed for Singapore at 9:10 a.m. Once again an hour time difference and a new country. Now we are 7 hours ahead of German time. Singapore is (first impression) super modern and lightning-clean. In addition, there are suddenly far fewer people and cars on the road here. No Hupt!! You only have to be careful because there is left-hand traffic here. Today we live in the 18th Floor at Hotel Boss! Have a beautiful view of the city.

In the afternoon we were in Little India food and then drove with the grave to the Gardens by the Bay. The light and sound show that takes place there every day at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm to bring the Supertrees to life was truly spectacular! Pop – music by Abba, BeeGees, Chic-Le Freak, Grease, … .And a backdrop like Avatar. Great station wagon, we liked it. After that we are quite comfortable with the metro back to the hotel.