Sydney – Bondi Beach – Parrots – Ferry Sunset

In Hop on – Hop off we drove to the famous Bondi Beach. About 7 km from Sydney's centrum. He hid in the dense fog. We got off a bit further and ran back to the coast. Very nice path, steep cliffs and exclusive houses, mostly with pool. We have seen many free-living colorful Loris. Back at Bondi Beach, the visibility was clear at 28 degrees. The beach there is beautiful white, the water 21 degrees cold, the surf good for surfers. A lot of people are there. Reiner preferred to try the sports equipment on the beach, I was swimming in the Tasman Sea.

After that, the bus took us back to the city centre. We looked at the Opera House and harbour bridge from the Botanical Garden and watched Ibis and Kakadu. At 7.35pm we went by fast ferry to Manly Beach and back. The skyline from the water and at sunset was super beautiful. Unfortunately Reiner got a headache and we went back to the hotel afterwards.

I took a delicious salad and fruit with me on the way.


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