Puerto Iguazu – Waterfalls Argentina – Coatis – Plush crested Jay

This morning we took the public bus about 20 km to the Argentine National Park Iguazu. In the national park we walked along the Lower Cirsuit and the Upper Trail (easy to walk on asphalted paths and a few stairs), and had a gigantic view of the falling water masses of one of the new seven natural wonders of the earth. Unimaginable, what power is behind it. The waterfalls stretch almost 3 km wide and you can get very close!

At least as interesting as this wonder for us were the animals that live quite trustingly amidst the tourist crowds. Coatis (Coati, Nasua) prey on treats in the picnic areas.

Perky “Plushed-crested Jay” birds (a type of crested jay) let themselves be fed by hand (with peanuts).

We also saw a crocodile in the water and toucans in the trees. There is a luxurious hotel in the park with a huge infinity pool and a view of the waterfalls. We met Olivia from Bremen, who treats herself to a stay here and is totally thrilled. On our round trip we took pictures of each other. In the evening we took the bus back to Puerto Iguazu and after we went to the supermarket we cooked a mushroom risotto.

( Bus there and back 320 ARS pP, park entrance 1 day 700 ARS pP, 2nd day park 50%)


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