San Andres – Bogota – Travel Day

At 9:00 a.m. a cab from Miss Margarita’s House took us to the airport. To the plane of the airline VivaAir we had to walk across the tarmac. The A320 was brand new and flew us safely to Bogota, 1h40 away. Only the comfort of the seats was unfortunately saved. Even after the short flight, the non-adjustable seats became a bit uncomfortable. On arrival in Bogota we took a cab to our hotel Casa Guadalupe in the middle of the old town and university district. We got a big room with 4 beds for us. In the afternoon we went to a small bakery right next door and tried two pieces of cake and coffee. Didn’t quite meet our taste. On the way to the supermarket and the bank we saw many colorful street stalls with fruit, art objects and odds and ends. Of course, also many cafes, restaurants and stores.

And we especially noticed the huge buses. We were wondering about the long queues at the bus stop. But the buses are about 3 times as long as ours. Practically trains on the road.


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