Sharm-El-Sheikh-Ras Mohammed NP- Snorkeling Trip

For today we had booked a full day trip to the National Park “Ras Mohammed”, which has the largest biodiversity of marine life in the Sinai. First by minibus and then by dive boat we went out to different reefs.

Among other things, to Jolanda Reef, named after a sunken cargo ship. You can still see very well between the wreckage part of the cargo, which probably consisted mainly of toilet bowls.

At the different diving and snorkeling places there were beside the corals also a lot of different fishes to see very close: Giant moray eel (up to 3m), Napoleon fish (up to 200Kg), tuna, blue spotted ray, clown fish, parrot fish, etc.

When we changed the dive site by boat a herd of dolphins accompanied us for a short distance.

All in all a great day.

We skipped the evening program and took care of our sunburn.


Comment by Silke on “a great day!”:

Not the whole day was great. After the first snorkel stop about 1/3 of the guests were very seasick. Among them also my dear hubby. Breakfast served as fish food. He was fine in the water with the fish, but on the boat it rocked quite a bit. He would have loved to swim after it. How good, that one forgets such things always fast!


Comment by Reiner to “a great day!”:

Funny, I couldn’t remember it at all.


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