Arrival in Johannesburg

In Luanda there was a moment of shock, because our vaccination cards with the yellow fever vaccination certificate were in the big backpacks, so in the next plane. For the entry one must show these there actually. After some consultation and verbal assurance on our part to have the vaccination, the security staff then let us board the plane. Shortly before 14:00 o’clock we reached Johannesburg International Airport. Before the immigration control, fever was measured with a contactless thermometer at all entrants! We got our stamp in our passport and our luggage was already on the conveyor belt. As the crow flies from the airport to our accommodation is 1.8 km. But since there is a highway intersection in between, you would have to walk over 6 Km. The cab ride should cost 10 EUR. We asked at our car rental if we could rent the car that we have rented for tomorrow maybe already from today, because we would have saved 2 ways, but the car was not yet available. Scott, a South African businessman, noticed this and spontaneously offered to drive us to our hostel.

(By the way, here is left-hand traffic!) So we were brought very comfortably to the Terrylin Guesthouse. Thanks a lot ! In the late afternoon we went to a nearby supermarket and bought SIM cards for the cell phones. It took the saleswomen a good hour to do this, but they were very friendly! We then did some shopping and cooked a curry-rice-vegetable dish in the evening. It is 5 hours time difference from South America and we are back in the same time zone as Germany! 23 degrees day/9 degrees night.


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