19-06-20 – Bagatelle Game Reserve – Mariental – Kalahari – Windhoek – Vineyard Country

We had a visit this morning from two ponies, two springboks and an ostrich. The ostrich wanted to come with us most of all.

After we were already 1 hour on the way to Windhoek, the reception of Bagatelle Game Reserve contacted us that we haven’t paid the bill completely yet. Since we had booked everything together in advance online, we assumed that everything would be clear. But only the campsite was paid by credit card and the game drive still had to be paid. So we went back and paid our open bill. Thus we lost some time, which we would have needed to sort things. This was done in the dark at our new campsite near Windhoek, in Vineyard Country. For dinner we cooked rice with schakalaka. We used up our supplies +- some small stuff.


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