Last shot in sight !!! + first aid kit

Preparations are underway,.

Travel fever is on the rise! – 38 days left

Soon will be vaccinated for the last time!

We now have an appointment for the yellow fever vaccine at a WHO yellow fever vaccination center practice. All other vaccines could be injected at our family practice.

Then the “vaccination marathon” is done.

We started last year for our trip to Nepal and India. First a long consultation and then 8 shots from March – June 2017. This year a second long consultation and with the yellow fever vaccination 9 shots from April – August 2018.

All together = 17 x poked (_I::I_).

We (Reiner) had previously listed exactly at what time of year we want to be where – (There was quite a lot together!) . Also must be considered how one would like to travel. Whether one is e.g. also times off the tourist paths on the way or a Treckingtour plans. Fortunately, our health insurance takes over the not small costs!

Now we are quite well protected against :

– Hepatitis A and B , – Rabies , – Typhoid , – TBE , – Tetanus , – Diphtheria , – Japanese Encephalitis , – Meningitis and – Yellow Fever

Also – measles, – mumps, – rubella and – polio were refreshed!

In malaria endangered areas we will take prophylactically a medicine ( Malarone ).

Our travel pharmacy is therefore also quite extensive!

First aid basic equipment (bandages) + blister plaster, – the “usual” against fever, cough, cold, headache, insect bites, sunburn +++ broad-spectrum antibiotic in case of infection (Cefuroxin), +++allergy medicine (prednisolone), +++diarrhea (Xifaxan (strong for emergencies)), +++water purification tablets (Micropur) (preserves water with silver ions), +++electrolyte-glucose mixture for diarrhea and +++Malarone.

Distributed on three small bags this will fill our backpack lids well 😉

“Wat mutt, dat Mutt!”

(Let’s bring everything back home unused!). At the moment only the travel fever rises and there gibts no shot! 😀

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