X’an bicycle tour on the city wall

Today we took a bike ride on the city wall of Xi’an.The wall, which is just over 12 km long, covers the old town in the rectangle, is well restored and wide enough for a nice bike ride. To get to the wall for one day you have to buy a ticket for 54 RMB. On the wall there are some shops with souvenirs and drinks, as well as toilet houses. Directly on the wall are several bike rental stations where you can rent a bike for 45 RMB (and 100 RMB Depot) for 3 hours.This is also possible with cash! The rental bikes in the city can only be rented cashless. The Chinese pay almost everything with their smartphone via an app. For example, via WeChat. We were able to download the app and use it for chatting, but we haven’t been able to get the payment function activated yet. Credit cards are rarely accepted. Only Bares is True – and WeChat!


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