Emperor Qin Shihuang – Terracotta Army

Today we went to Lintong to the Terracotta Army. The approximately 210-209 B.C. was to protect the first emperor of China Qin Shi Huang in life after death. The 8th. Wonders!

We travelled very well by bus 306 from central station. (drive about two hours 7 yuan/person) .

The excavations are still underway. There are three covered excavation fields and a museum to visit. The largest excavation field No. 1 is also the most interesting. You can watch the archaeologists live at work and get a good impression of the dimension of this 2200-year-old mausoleum. A large part of the potted army is already reassembled and stands in rows and limbs head-on to the exit. The three fields comprise a total of about 20,000 square meters and included about 8,000 different life-size terra cotta figures, hundreds of chariots and horses and over 100,000 pieces of bronze weapons. The army was discovered by chance in 1974 by farmers drilling wells. 

In the evening we ate hot pot in Xi’an. Skewers and noodles cooked in mushroom broth similar to our fondue. Quite cozy, but Reiner would have preferred Nasi goreng.


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