Longest express train line from Shanghai to Kunming

Today we started with the G1373 at 8:55 a.m. in Shanghai and arrived at Kunming South at 19:34!According to Wikipedia, this is the longest express train line in the world. 2264 Km at a top speed of 350 km/h. The line will probably not be completed until 2016. Before that, it took 34 hours! In the wide-body cars there are always 2 and 3 seats! This time we sat in wagon 4, row 3, place A+B. This is a 3-seater bank with a window seat. The 2-seat bench with seats D+F was already reserved. The train also has a restaurant, but we didn’t go. The service staff come to the place with hot, plastic-packed food and a caddy with sweetstuff and drinks. There is also a hot water heater in each car. You can see a bit of the landscape on the trip. Cities, fields and then mountains pass by. But there are also many tunnels. From Kunming South it is still over an hour metro into the city – so we did not reach our hotel until about 22:00.


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