We are flashpackers!

By the way, we travel as “flashpackers”. Flashpacker?. This kind of traveling differs from the “backpackers” by a slightly higher standard. So e.g. double room with private bathroom, instead of dormitory and plane/train instead of bus. So one takes gladly also times an upgrade if it offers itself and no gigantic price difference makes.

Equipped with mobile network, smartphone and laptop we are usually well connected. We also book organized excursions and like to follow a restaurant recommendation instead of just street food.

Most of the flashpackers are already middle-aged (around Ü30) and have saved up a corresponding budget. Nevertheless, the common goals are almost identical. To get to know different cultures, to experience the country, people, nature and wildlife, or to explore vibrant cities and spontaneously celebrate a party. Every day is a little adventure.

For the sake of completeness, we should mention the campers, who also explore the world for months, with their own 4 walls!

We are in any case happy to have the choice to close the door behind us after an exciting day in the evening to let the experienced pass in review.

More precise definitions can be found on the web, e.g. at Wikipedia.


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