Janik Skydiving, Wanaka – Milford Sound

This morning Janik jumped out of a plane at an altitude of 12,000 feet! The weather was great ?? ! He enjoyed it a lot! I had rather mixed feelings.

Then we started towards Milford Sound. We have seen beautiful waterfalls and panoramic views! Funny I found the cheeky parrots/keas in a parking lot in front of the Homer Tunnel! They flew on the car roofs and annoyed the Touris! In Milford Sound there was no possibility to camp! The only official campsite was totally overcrowded! So we had to drive the serpentines and tunnels back about 32 km back! We have landed on a sweet historical campsite! Gunn's Camp! On Lower Hollyford Road! There is even a museum with all sorts of things of the previous owners e.B saddles and washing bags and found objects from the tunnel construction as well as guest books from 1950 and hunting trophies. The shower water is heated in the wood-burning oven!


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