Honolulu – without luggage!

The flight with Hawaiian Airlines was also nice. We got an upgrade to seats with a little more legroom and were able to sleep well on the plane. Also, my pre-order for vegetarian food was forwarded to this flight. However, in Honolulu we waited in vain for our backpacks! Very annoying as it cost a lot of time. To the luggage service, report loss, make several phone calls and go to the airport again tomorrow to pick up the backpacks. If it works out. Hawaiian Airlines take care anyway very well, and I was allowed to buy the most necessary for the bridge. Hope they find a bikini necessary!!!

Anyway, our Air B+B is very nice, a room in a shared apartment in Kaneohe with 2 young women. We picked up our rental car (right-hand traffic again), did a little shopping as I said and made us some raw food with bread and dip in the evening. Aloha!


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