Weltenvrede – Swakopmund

The first view out of the tent showed an Oryx antelope right in front of our site. Fun blue-headed guinea fowl were also walking around the property.

After breakfast, we hit the road again. We drove 310 km exclusively unpaved roads towards the coast to Swakopmund.

On the way we have reached the Tropic of Capricorn, (the Tropic of South). On this circle of latitude the sun is at its zenith once a year at the summer solstice (21.-22,12,). We made a break on a gigantic rock in the middle of the desert, the bird feather mountain. In Swakopmund first of all the food was restocked. We decided today for a “firm” accommodation since it is quite fresh and landed in the Villa Sohrada. We have here a complete huge house with open fireplace for us. The parents of our hosts, family Schwietering (“Haus Westwisch”) come from Thedinghausen. We took advantage of the kitchen and fried pancakes.


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