19-06-17 Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – Nossob – Twee Rivieren

We made delicious pancakes for breakfast. Since we are leaving Botswana and entering Namibia through the park, we had to go to the southern gate of the park today, Twee Rivieren/ Two Rivers. The road was narrow but good to drive. We lingered a bit longer at some waterholes as there were many oryx, springbok and ostrich there. In the last section, about 15 km before our campsite, we have then even seen a cheetah lying under a tree..

And 5 km further two female lions in the high grass on a hill. Since in South Africa winter vacations are, the Campsite is well visited. But we got a short term pitch without any problems. For dinner we had vegetable soup with rice and beet salad.


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