Dana Biosphere Reserve

We started south from Amman after breakfast! In a supermarket we bought a few groceries. We were amazed at the 3kg jar of Nutella that was on the shelf there for about 25 EUR! The Jordanians apparently like to snack. The staff was very friendly and offered us peaches, coffee and pumpkin seeds to try. We will not starve here! After that we refueled and drove to Dana. On the way we were waved out by a police control. But the policeman just wanted to talk to us a little bit and then wished us a nice time in Jordan. At Rummana Campsite we sleep in a solid tent with two mattresses..

We had our yogurt with oatmeal and banana for dinner. Afterwards, we wandered around the abstract rocky landscape for a bit.

While drinking sweet peppermint tea and having a campfire, the Jordan National Park staff told us some more stories about the people from the village and the Prophet Mohammed and his 10 wives. Currently, 4 wives are actually allowed here at the same time. But not four husbands ! (The Jordanians speak very good English, by the way).


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