Mount Nebo – Dead Sea

In the morning we visited the Moses Memorial Church, with its beautiful mosaics, on Mount Nebo. From this mountain, according to the Old Testament, Moses saw the Promised Land. Then he had to die. How close we are here to the places from the Bible can be read on a board at the viewpoint. For example, it is only 50 km to Bethlehem! The places can be seen in good visibility.

Since we liked the (mud) bath in the Dead Sea so much, we booked another night at the “Dead Sea Spa Hotel”. This time we ended up on the 4th floor with a nice view of the sea/lake. With about 420 meters below sea level we are at the Dead Sea by the way at the lowest lake on earth. That the air here is “thicker” one notices at the compressed drinking bottles. The sun is not quite as intense behind a haze. As daytime maximum temperature we had 42 degrees and at night 29 degrees.

We did another mud wrap and then a float bath. For the evening I sewed my backpack and Reiner downloaded some music. For dinner we had yogurt with fruits.


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