Novosibirsk, Irina and the bus 326

Today we wanted to see the old town of Kolywan about 50 km away. Novosibirsk is very large! Unfortunately, we failed on public transport, although a supernice Novosibirskerin accompanied us to our transfer point. She drove around with us for about 1 hour, invited us on the first bus ride and then waited with us even though she still had to go to work. Thank you Irina!!! That illuminated the day! After a few attempts it worked quite well to have a small conversation with the translation app "Google Translator".

Unfortunately, several minibuses of line 326 passed by at the Stanislavskogo Square stop without stopping. Since it was very stormy we decided to cancel the trip, have a coffee and take the bus to the hotel. That worked out wonderfully! In the buses, by the way, there is always a conductor who comes around after departure and collects. For the trip with the trolleybus 24 we paid 18 rubles (approx. 0.25 €) each.

In the evening we were again very good food in the restaurant Baranzhar!


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