Ulan-Ude, Tarbagatay

In glorious sunshine we made a trip to Tarbagatay today. This is a pretty old village about 50 km from Ulan-Ude. There still live many "old believers" . This is a small Russian ethnic group that split from the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th century and was sent to Siberia by the Tsar. We have discovered a small church (which was unfortunately closed), a cemetery above the settlement and many colorful wooden houses with ornate shutters! If you wish, you could book a cultural show for tourists there to get to know the customs of the "Old-Believers".

We are just a little streaked through the streets. The bus ride by regular taxi alone (approx. every 30 min from the bus station for 110 rubles per person/trip) was already worthwhile because of the beautiful landscape.

Also for Ulan-Ude we had a little time to explore it afterwards. The Lenin head is already very impressive!


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