Beijing, Subway, Sky Palace and nice Chinese

For the Beijing Subway we bought a card at the counter for charging. The card costs 20 yuan (deposit) + top-up credit. Depending on the route, it will be debited. We used 2 rides today for 4 yuan each!

The Sky Palace is located in a large park, where we have also seen dancers and athletes. By the way, we had 26 degrees and sunshine today!

As holidays are currently underway because of the Chinese National Day, people are teeming with people everywhere!

In the park café we talked nicely with Jennifer, who spontaneously contacted us on WeChat and wants to help if we have problems with the language.

In an art gallery, the owner has made us acquaintwith the artists of an exhibition. Among other things, they print motifs of the wall on silk. They also work with children. The artists Jimi and Tennog signed a print on paper and gave us the picture that shows Mahjong players!

Near the pedestrian area Qianmen Dajie we then ate delicious in a Chinese restaurant. I had homemade tofu with fried rice and pure crispen duck wings in brown sauce with fried potatoes. We could also have ordered duck heads, duck feet or frogs!


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