Great Wall of China

In glorious weather, we have today crawled a few kilometers of the Great Wall of China. It goes up and down quite steeply.

We would have liked to have experienced a sunrise or sunset here, but the Jinshanling section where we hiked is already closed at 18:00 and from the wall itself to the east entrance it is about 1 km of stairs to walk. In the morning the same, opens only at 7:00 o’clock so after sunrise.

Maybe that would work better in “Water Town.”Our guide told us that it would normally not be closed until 10 p.m. Because of the holidays, our booked bus tour has gone to the less populated section Jinshanling! We had our overnight items with us and would have returned to Beijing the next day with the new group, but a suitable accommodation was, probably also because of the holidays, no longer available.

In any case, it is an impressive building and definitely worth a trip!


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