Napahai, Grassland, Tibetan Family

Today we were driven by a private car to Napahai Lake (150 yuan). The lake at an altitude of 3266 m and the surrounding grasslands have been illuminated in colourful autumn colours. We have seen many yaks, cows, horses and pigs running around freely. Our driver said she all go to her stable in the evening.

Afterwards we were allowed to see the home of a Tibetan family. We stayed in a traditional house with fantastic wood carvings. The ground floor consists of stables. An outside staircase leads to a veranda, where the grandmother has just turned pasta dough by hand through a machine. A large oven stands in the middle of the huge living room, which is kitchen, living room and bedroom in one.

A cat slept on the stove bench. But there is also a TV.Then we hiked up a little bit of a mountain to enjoy the view of the lake. After we were back in the hotel, we went in the old town in the “Three Brother’s Cafe” very tasty food. Reiner had yak meat on the hot stone and I had fried vegetable balls in sauce, spinach and rice. Afterwards I took part in the round dance again and Reiner drank tea and watched through the window.


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