HoiAn Stink Fruit Tasting Farewell Reunion Express

This morning we had breakfast together with Mio and Julian and tried some Dorian/Stinkfruit fruit! Last night in HoiAn I couldn't stand again and bought a fist-sized piece of flesh at a street stall.

The smell is really very intense (through two layers of plastic!) and it was almost unpleasant to get into the grave car. The pulp resembles the appearance of scrambled eggs and tastes (similar to the jackfruit) of very ripe bananas. In the fruit salad quite delicious. Mio knew it from her childhood because she has Vietnamese roots. It was a new experience for Julian as it was for us. With them we talked about working and living abroad and vegan or especially industrial sugar-free diets during the week. This should receive much more attention and is Mio's matter to the heart. She maintains the following blog: freemii.de…. Sugar-free.

Then we said goodbye to HoiAn. For the two digital nomads, the next change of location is imminent, to Germany and Thailand.

Now we are sitting in the Reunification Express SE1 towards HoChiMin City. This time again in the 4-bed sleeping car.


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