Janik and Melina – Hot Water Beach – Coromandel

Finally – After a nearly two-day flight. through Amsterdam and China, our children Janik and Melina have reached us. So to speak, an early Christmas present. They will accompany us for the next few weeks.

We went to Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel peninsula. There you can build a spa pool from a hot spring at low tide. Janik and Reiner have taken over this part. The water is actually warmer than the sea. They were not optimal weather conditions, but they were still a lot of fun.

Afterwards we found a place at Hahai Beach at Holiday Resort Camping and fried something delicious for dinner. Unfortunately, it has rained down quite a bit at the moment. However, the "locals" have assured that it is very changeable weather here and can often have all four seasons in one day.


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