Haast River – Fox Glacier – Franz Josef Glacier – Hokitika

In super summer weather we explored today the beautiful west coast of the South Island. After our night on the Haast River we drove towards the glacier along the coastal Highway 6. The Tasmanian Sea also offers wonderful viewpoints and great beaches. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to bathe. Our first track took us up to 450 m to the Fox Glacier. You can look at the ice, waterfalls and an ice cave from an elevated vantage point.

Our second track (20 km = about 1 h from the Fox) was the Franz Josef Glacier Walk and led to the spectacular viewpoint of this glacier of the same name. You can only get into the ice by helicopter, because the eternal ice unfortunately breaks due to climate change and the way on foot would be too dangerous. The helicopter buzz erupts a bit while hiking. Every day the glacier melts by 1.5 m to 7 m. Signs indicate the former limits of the ice with annual data, which have frightening dimensions.

Dinner we had with a view of the Tasman Sea at sunset in Hokitika. Our current campground is not far away in a forest.


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