San Andres Isla – Beach – Coconut

Not far from our accommodation is the Sound Bay beach. Since here are probably usually very high waves and today quite calm sea, we have been swimming there in the morning. There was quite a strong current, so we preferred not to swim too far out. The water is warm and crystal clear, the sand nice and soft. Funny fat crabs live in holes in the sand and come to the surface from time to time. While snorkeling, however, we didn’t find that much of interest. Some bars and fish restaurants are directly accessible from the beach. Towards afternoon more and more people have arrived. Also our “neighbor” France has a beach bar there. Since we had not gotten a coconut there in the afternoon, he has climbed in his garden times just on the palm tree and has thrown us one down and freshly opened.

Actually, we wanted to hike over to the other side of the island in the afternoon (16:00) and inform ourselves in a diving school there. Margarita and France strongly advised us against it, because the road across the island is not safe for tourists, especially in the evening, and we should better go there by bus or cab in the morning. Since we are then rather walked again on the beach. We cooked pasta and sat on our terrace in the garden. Next door in a street bar a few men play loud dominoes with reggae music.


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