Lima – Laundromat – Exterminator – Miraflores

Last night we had another cockroach hunt in our room. Reiner caught one, a second one escaped. I was mega happy that we brought our mosquito tent. So we could sleep well in spite of everything. The hotel porter was very quick, apologized and called an exterminator right after Reiner showed him the caught bug this morning. Our room and bathroom were cleaned by afternoon. We went to do laundry in that time and found a laundromat 2 blocks away where you could do your own laundry in the washer and dryer. A luxury I didn’t have for quite some time.

Then we had a little look at our neighborhood, Miraflores. Once again, the first impression on arrival in the dark was not confirmed. Today everything was much more colorful. We met very friendly Peruvians, such as the young woman at HandyShop Claro, who patiently advised us on buying a SIM card despite our language mismatch. Or the laundromat owner, who gave us travel tips for Peru. And the Peruvian-Italian ice cream shop owner, who let us try all kinds of ice cream (including chili and ginger) in Spanish, and then spontaneously led us through the really sparkling clean ice cream factory. The streets are clean and many flowers are blooming. There is a beautiful large church that we looked at, the “Parroquia Virgen Milagrosa”. In front of it in the “Parque Kennedy” live many pretty cats that like to be petted by the walkers.


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