Cusco – Sacsayhuaman – Christo Blanco

Today we hiked up the hill past the San Cristobal church to the Inca ruins of Sacsayhuaman. We did not go into the site itself, also known as “Inti Huasi” (House of the Sun), as we primarily wanted to get an impression of the city of Cusco and surrounding area.

A little further along the ridge, the “Christo Blanco” watches over the city. There you have a great view. Many traditionally dressed Peruvians walk through the alleys with their alpacas and have their picture taken for a tip. Downhill we went again mostly on stairs. In the evening it started to rain. We ate comfortably in our hotel El Balcon. There was gnocchi with mushrooms and vegetable lasagna. There are many Italian restaurants here.


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