Pucon – Araucania – Termas los Pozones

Today we started the hike in the “Santuario el Cani”. It went steeply uphill over dirt roads and serpentines. We hiked 5,5 km up to 1320 meters of altitude and saw there a wonderful place with the imposing up to 2000 years old araucanias, which already existed in the times of the dinosaurs. In “Mapudungen”, the language of the Mapuche, this tree is called “PEWEN”. The seeds of the trees can be cooked to many dishes. Unfortunately, the trees are almost threatened with extinction, because they grow only in a few regions and slowly. Therefore, they are specially protected.

We encountered few people along the way. Small colorful iguanas were sunning themselves on the tree trunks. The descent was almost at a run (steep!). In the evening we drove to the thermal bath “Los Pozones”. Approx 36 km from Pucon away. Against 8000 CLP entrance one can use these naturally heated, mineral-rich, from natural stone built pools for 3 hours. Just the thing after a strenuous hike.

With the moon full, we headed back to Pucon. We had dinner together with Kati (Sarina’s co-worker) and then fell tired into bed


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