Pucon – Punta Arenas – Travel day – Easter bunnies without faces

Bye, Elementos Eco Lodge in Pucon! Sarina, Nayeli, Kati, Lulu and Aruna, we felt like “at home” with you. Thank you very much! The cab ride to the airport went without any problems. The flight from Temuco to Punta Arenas took 2h and 38 min. The planes are constantly flying back and forth. Almost like buses. In Punta Arenas we got with a Collectivo well into our accommodation, a small apartment (Departamentos Ejecutivos Jamboree) near the city center. Here you can look far over the sea again. In the supermarket we discovered the first chocolate bunnies. Curiously, they all have no face.

In the afternoon we booked a tour and bought some groceries. In the evening we cooked mushroom pan and mashed potatoes. Then we played some Carcassonne again.


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