Rio de Janeiro – Ipanema Beach

Today was a rest and research day. We only went up and down the beach once in between and had a look at the opposite Ipanema Beach. But we personally like the Copacabana side better because it is wider and you can reach the beach and the water directly and not only by stairs. Because it was perhaps Sunday, one side of the beach promenade was closed to cars today. It was extensively used by joggers, bicyclists, scooter riders, etc.

The weather forecast was right about the clouds and rain. We were very lucky with our trips the last two days and probably wouldn’t have been able to see that far today! From the announced thunderstorm, however, we did not get anything. However, a mobile street stall on the other side of the street was suddenly on fire. We could watch from our window, how it burned down and afterwards the fire department came. By the way, there is a gas station in the middle of the street.


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