Simon ‘s Town – Cape Peninsula – Shipwreck Trail

At breakfast we spotted a whale in the ocean! The weather was stormy and rainy this morning, but then cleared up, so we went for a hike to Thomas T. Tucker. First you have to go back to the national park. The wreck is located on the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula. The start is at the Olifantbos Beach parking lot. We chose the middle trail out of three suggestions, which leads about 5 km through the country and along the coast. The drive there developed into a game drive. Already at the road we saw many Baboons running through the bushes. Signs are posted everywhere warning that these monkeys are wild animals and dangerous, and must not be fed under any circumstances.

There was a dead antelope in the brush next to the trail. The shipwreck itself lies spread out on the beach like a skeleton. The Thomas T. Tucker ran aground here in 1942 during its maiden voyage in the fog. There are also other shipwrecks to discover on this trail at the stand.

Beautiful plants, flowers and heather grow in the dunes. A leopard tortoise walked along the roadside. Bird ostriches , a zebra and many live antelope we also saw. We also spotted water birds like cormorants, oystercatchers and seagulls. On a rock near SimonsTown sea lions were sunbathing. Back in our apartment today we had baked camembert and bean stew.


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