Onguma – Rundu

After a hearty breakfast we continued to Rundu. Once again on tarred roads. Here you can see a bit more trees and bushes. In Grootfontein there was a big construction site, so we took our break a bit further along the road. Palm trees and huge termite mounds, which partly look like sculptures are on the left and right of the road.

Shortly before Rundu there are many small villages, where people live partly in round mud huts with thatched roofs, in the simplest conditions. Many people (including children) were on the road with containers to get water. There were some stalls on the side of the road. We bought two small carved elephants. In Rundu we refueled the car – 102 liters/1444,50 N$. Then we did some shopping and drove over a 7 km long sand road to Kaisosi River Lodge, our campsite today. Here one looks directly on the Okavango – river. For dinner we had vegetable allsorts with cheese sauce.


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