Kasane Botswana

At Bush Camp Kwando (by the way it consists of 4 campsites directly at the river and only 2 were occupied) we went early in the morning to the lookout point and over a bridge to a small island. Hippos we heard all night and in the morning, but in the dense reeds they were not to be seen. Instead we observed many beautiful birds. A woodpecker, a go-away bird, weeping drongo, lesser bee-eater, Marico sunbird, Angola butterfly finch and the Red-billed Hornbill. Wetland – a birders paradise! Then after a nice breakfast we drove on. Without any incidents we crossed the border to Botswana. At the border you have to pay for the car Road Permits for Botswana (about 8 Euro). Then you have to drive through a water ditch, get out and disinfect the soles of your shoes in a bath. We were also asked if we wanted to bring in fruit or meat. In Botswana you are welcomed right at the border station by two huge Baobab – trees.

Monkeys hopped across the road, elephant dung lays around, and warthogs run through town in Kasane. Today we had peach with vanilla sauce for dinner.


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