Thebe River Safaris – Botswana – Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls

At 7:00 am we were picked up at the gate of our accommodation by “Cars and Guides”. At 7:35 am we reached the border. The exit from Botswana went quickly, at the border control to Zimbabwe there was already a long queue in front of the two counters. For the entry Europeans need a visa. The 2-day visa you get directly there for 350 Pula / 25 Euro pP. After about an hour we continued to a helicopter launch site and viewpoint of the Victoria Falls. Esther and Tamara, two German tourists, started there for a sightseeing flight. (150 USD pP). After a photo stop we drove on to the Victoria Falls. The falls are great to look at and you get pretty close to the edge. The height of the falls is 107 m at the highest point.

A path of about 1.7 km leads along 16 viewing points to the view of the railroad bridge to Zambia, from which some adrenaline junkies have bungee jumped (Tamara too!;-))We got well wet on our walk. The spray is sometimes so strong that you can only hear the water masses and not see. On the opposite edge, in the water were some people with nets in gear. That looked not harmless. In the jungle on the Zimbabwean side were monkeys on the way. One came dangerously close to a man’s sandwich. A few ibex and warthogs were grazing along the way. We had another coffee in the park restaurant and were picked up again at 14:00. Together with Tamara and Esther we had a good chat with a coke on the terrace of the luxurious “Victoria Falls Hotel” until we started our return trip. This time a bit faster, because only two stamps had to be put into the passport. After another “shoe sole disinfection” we were back in Botswana. As dinner we cooked ourselves mustard party with boiled potatoes. At the end of the day we played another round of Carcassonne.


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