19-6-11 Linyanti – Xakanaxa

After the fright of the last night we didn’t sleep so well and at 6:30 a.m., after the sun had risen, we first went around the car in search of our tarp. A few monkeys and birds accompanied us. Many footprints of elephants, monkeys, cats? and us, we could recognize.

Unfortunately, the cover was nowhere to be found, so we are now “topless”. We took our clothesline as a backup.

Our way to Xakanaxa Camp was exclusively on unpaved roads, some of which rather resembled dirt roads with huge potholes. Giraffes, wildebeest, ibex and many elephants could be seen.

We were also greeted by a large gray toröö at today’s campsite, which we reached just before sunset at 5:45pm! Hopefully they will leave our tent alone tonight! We quickly made a few sandwiches and then climbed into our cave.


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