Cheops Pyramid – burial chamber – Cairo – Hotel ???

Since the mother of our host was hospitalized the night, we got today understandably unfortunately no breakfast. We went again on the (foot) way to the pyramids and looked at the biggest one, the Cheops pyramid from the inside. Cameras are not allowed inside. A nice family from Tampa/Florida, who therefore separately explored the pyramid, watched as long as we were inside with on ours. Smartphone cameras are allowed by the way. Just not in the burial chamber!

A tunnel-like passage on stairs and wooden walkways, some of which you can only walk stooped, leads steeply up to the burial chamber, where there is an empty sarcophagus. It was very warm in there, but not stuffy. With our walking shoes no problem to walk the way. The atmosphere is gloomy and mystical. You feel like you’ve been transported back thousands of years. The pitfalls and rolling stones have fortunately been cleared out of the way beforehand.

The streets here are colorful, dusty and full of horses, camels, donkeys, goats, dogs and cats. We checked out at noon and ordered an Uber cab to Cairo City. When we found the Down Town Hotel Cairo after a long search in a high-rise building, we were faced with a door locked by the police or the health department. The janitor had already tried to explain the situation to us in Arabic, but since we even received an email from the hotel today asking us what time we were arriving, we had to see for ourselves. Thereupon we sat down first in a café and looked for a new place to stay with a big cappuccino. By cab we went to the Horus House Hotel Zamalek, which is located on an island in the Nile. For dinner we had noodle soup after a long time. The heat (up to 41 degrees Celsius) makes quite tired. Therefore we rested the rest of the day.


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