19-06-25 – Cairo – Egyptian Museum – Khan Al Khalily Bazaar

In the late morning we walked along the Nile to the Egyptian Museum. Good 3.5 hours we have looked at the exhibition. Among other things, the golden death mask of Tutankhamun, the statues of Rahotep and his wife Nofret and many funerary objects.

Somewhat macabre (a bit like the roofer in the lead cellar of Bremen Cathedral) is the exhibition of royal mummies and animal mummies. They vary in condition and are displayed in “glass cases”. Afterwards we strolled to the Khan Al khalily bazaar. Ali, a nice Egyptian with knowledge of German, showed us the way into the alleys. “I am not a rascal” he emphasized, but he wanted to sell many spices and rose oil. After we bought a small package of anise tea and about 20 more times “No thanks” said, we said goodbye to the hustle and bustle. If one has desire, one could buy here great also high-quality souvenirs. But since our space in the backpack is very limited, we have only looked at everything.

Many cats sit in front of the stores and of course you are approached everywhere and invited in. But very friendly. Our cab driver back to the hotel was really a rascal though. He actually wanted to collect double the agreed price on arrival. But we didn’t let ourselves in for that. For dinner we bought yogurt in the supermarket and fruit at a street stall. From “strolling” and the heat we fell tired into bed.


PS: The blocked hotel claimed to Booking.com that they had moved us to another hotel. Fortunately, we had made proof photos and sent them to Booking.com. They are now taking care of the refund.

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