Mauritius – Diving – Chamarel Seven Colored Earth

In the morning Reiner did two dives -Navigation and Balance/Tarring In the afternoon we started a trip to Chamarel. You could already see from the coast that it would be a bit more rainy in the mountains, but we got wet despite raincoats, so it poured. From the park entrance to the attraction it is about 3 km, which you can hike but also reach via a road by car. We had chosen the car because of the weather. The Seven Colored Earth has, because it was very wet, not quite as colorful with purple and yellow glow. However, the place took on a mystical aura because of the fog.

At a cafe with a covered terrace, we sampled Mauritian coffee and enjoyed the view. At the viewpoint of the Chamarel waterfalls we jumped out of the car only for a short time for a photo. We did some shopping in a supermarket and cooked penne with vegetable sauce for dinner.


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